Grecja wynajem jachtów

Greece is a very sunny and picturesque country, which offers many wonderful routes in the Aegean and Ionian ea for sailors.

Continent, Peloponnese Peninsula and about 6000 islands and islets are scattered across these seas. Most of them are grouped in archipelagos that make up the unique Greek landscape. Dodecanese, Cyclades and Sporades are some of the most famous and popular archipelagos in Greece.

The endless kilometers of the Greek coast, thousands of islands, mild climate and interesting landscape make Greece an ideal place for yacht charter.

Wind strength, ambient temperature and small distances between the islands are great conditions for sailing.

Yacht charter in Greece gives you the opportunity to explore cultural and monuments of the country, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of meetings with its inhabitants, and will delight cuisine lovers with the abundance of seafood, great olives and wine.


"... Greece is a very sunny and picturesque country, which offers many wonderful routes in the Aegean and Ionian Sea for sailors..."

Nearly 1/5 of the area of Greece is occupied by islands. There are 3000 islands, of which only 167 are inhabited. The largest islands are Crete and Eubena.

Cyclades is a particularly interesting region for swimming. Dozens of islands, hundreds of miles to sail and pristine nature are great attractions for sailors. Greece is not only Cyclades, it is also a region of the Ionian Sea, where the starting points are located in 3 locations, i.e. in Corfu, Lefkada and Prevezy. The Ionian Sea has an advantage over the Cyclades, for it is much quieter in the summer months with regard to weather conditions and waves. So, it is often a region chosen for one’s first cruise to Greece.

What can sailors expect in Greece:

Santorini is a volcanic island with a crater you can sail your yacht into.
Delos - one of the great natural museum-islands – is a place where you will be transported to ancient times.
Folegandros, whose cliffs seen from the yacht will delight even the most demanding people.
Rock formations on Milos island with white rocks, tunnels and caves immersed in azure water.
A fisherman’s atmosphere that you can feel on Hydra island.
Zakynthos – Shipwreck, the main attraction of the Ionian Islands, which you can observe from a special terrace.
We recommend the Ionian Sea for sailors who hire a yacht in July or August. There are 2 main charter ports: Corfu and Lefkas (Lefkada). Since the winds in July and August on the Ionian Sea are very calm and shipping is safe, this is the season families with children decide to sail.

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